MD Building Services Long Island office cleaning

MD Building Services is a premier office cleaning and maintenance company serving Long Island, New York City and northern New Jersey.  Over the years we have gained recognition for the quality of our office cleaning services.  We carefully hire and vet all our personnel, who are bonded, and then train them to clean the MD Building Services way.  This training pays off in the quality of the work and the pride the employees have in working for MD Building Services and in the work they do.

For over 20 years we have worked with numerous office parks, many of these businesses are located in Long Island.  We understand the needs of these types of businesses and how they differ from the offices we find in the high-rise skyscrapers of Manhattan.  We work with law and accounting firms as well as other professional services and medical offices.  We are very experienced in cleaning medical offices and know the importance of cleanliness in these facilities.

Long Island Office Cleaning Services for Businesses on LI:

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