MD Biulding Services special floor care

Some offices have different types of flooring throughout and MD Building Services has the capability to handle just about any type of surface.  For instance we have specialists who work on VCT (vinyl composite tile) as well as stone and marble floors.

We have specialists who work on VCT as well as stone and marble floors.

The important thing in working on these types of floors is knowing what treatments to use and how to apply them properly.  Inexperienced workers can easily damage expensive floors if they don’t know what they are doing.

We can either scrub or strip off the old wax that can yellow the floor and put on a new sealer.  Then we buff the floors returning them to the original sheen.  Your office will always have clean and fresh looking floors. MD Building Services uses non-toxic “Green” products whenever possible.

VCT – We either scrub or strip the floor using machines. Which technique we use depends on a number of factors and a determination is made after our specialists review the floor.  We normally apply three coats to the floors to bring back the fresh finish and make them look like new.

Stone – Our specialists will polish the stone as well as apply a stone sealer when necessary.

Marble – We polish the marble and bring it back to its original look while also taking care to repair any cracks or indentations caused by wear.

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Why Choose Us For Commercial Cleaning Services To Clean Your VCT, Stone, or Marble Office Floor in NYC:

  • Specialists work on your floors.
  • We analyze what you need before starting.
  • Green, non-toxic products are used.
  • Our supervisors make certain the job is being done correctly.
  • We’re available 24/7 for emergencies.

If you are looking for services to clean and maintain your special flooring, feel free to give us a call and get a price quote.

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