MD Building Services vinyl composite tile care
Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) is commonly found in many offices and retail establishments as it has an easy to clean surface and can withstand high foot traffic. While VCT is both attractive and functional, it requires proper care from professionals who have experience working with it. Leaving the work to inexperienced people can quickly damage the material and adhesives and rather than having long-lasting, attractive and durable flooring improper maintenance can lead to either expensive repairs or a new floor.

At MD Building Services, we understand the importance of both the initial and long-term care of VCT floors.

Bonded Professionals Who Know Proper Protocol For VCT Cleaning

At MD Building Services, we understand the importance of both the initial and long-term care of VCT floors.  Once the floor is set, time must be allowed for the glue that holds the tiles in place to set. This process takes between 24-48 hours.

We also know not to wet wash, machine scrub, or strip the floor for at least four days after installation. This is to prevent excess moisture from interfering with the adhesive bond and/or seam treatments. Once the floor has set, usually after about two weeks, high-quality commercial floor polish should be applied to bring out the color of the floor and the serve as a protective coating. A commercial floor sealer beneath the polish should be considered in areas of high traffic, high soil load and areas where staining is possible.

Then a periodic care program should be created to ensure the longevity and quality of the tiles.  Occasional stripping and polishing of the floor is necessary. This should only be done by professional technicians who are experienced in this area. Too much heat or too much water can separate the adhesives and permanently damage the tiles. The frequency of the maintenance program depends on the amount and type of traffic on the floor.  MD Building Services has professionals who inspect the floors and can determine a schedule for a maintenance program. The program includes stripping the old wax, cleaning, sealing and applying a new coating of polish.

Why choose MD Building Services for VCT Upkeep:

  • We only assign trained technicians to do the work.
  • We only use the best cleaning and polishing agents.
  • Our experienced supervisors can customize a maintenance program for your VCT floors.

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