MD Building pantry cleaning

Increasingly many companies are providing kitchen and eating facilities in their offices.  The benefits are many including allowing the employees to bring their own meals, saving time when having lunch and having snacks, coffee and other items available throughout the day.

At MD Building Services, we are very cognizant of the importance of keeping the kitchen and eating facilities spotless.

With this benefit, office cleaning services are important to keep your office space clean.  In a perfect world, everyone would clean up after using the kitchen.  They would wipe the surfaces, make certain the refrigerator is cleaned out, clean the microwave and stove if necessary, wash the dishes and throw out all garbage.  Unfortunately, not everyone follows proper etiquette when using the kitchen and eating facilities.

Office Cleaning Services That Ensure Your Kitchen Looks as Good as New

At MD Building Services, our office cleaning services recognize the importance of keeping the kitchen and eating facilities spotless.  We pay special attention to the area.  Our people are trained to wipe down all surfaces using “Green” non-toxic materials, make certain the refrigerator is clean and spoiled food is taken out.  They mop the floors and take out the garbage and make certain supplies such as dishwashing liquid and sponges are available and clean.

Why Choose MD Building Services to Clean Your Kitchen and Eating Area:

  • We make certain the areas are cleaned every day.
  • We clean all areas: refrigerator, counter tops, tables, floors, stoves, microwaves.
  • We use non-toxic “Green” cleaning detergents.

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