MD Building Services furniture polishing

Why is polishing furniture important to the look of your office?   Well, consider this: while daily dusting removes dust and other particles, it may leave scratches. A good furniture polish will penetrate the wood, lubricate it, and actually leave a thin layer of protection over the wood. Furniture polishes can be aerosols, liquids or semi-solids.

At MD Building Services, we know which furniture polish to use on different types of wood. 

Thus we avoid using polish that can harm the wood.  We inspect your furniture periodically to know when to polish it.  Each piece of furniture gets a different level of use.  For example, a desk issued used much more frequently than the credenza or a side table.

Polishing your furniture regularly has several other benefits. For example:

  • Polished furniture can repel water to some extent. Wood that is not protected will absorb moisture and swell by a process called imbibition.
  • When used judiciously and carefully, furniture polish does not cause any damage to the finish of the wood. In fact, it improves the finish.
  • The surface becomes slick after it has been polished. As a result, dust can be easily wiped off without leaving scratches.

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Why Choose MD Building Services to Polish your Furniture:

  • We use only polishes certified as “Green.”
  • Our expert polishers know which product is best for your furniture. This avoids damage and deterioration to the surface.
  • We regularly inspect your furniture to know when polishing is needed. Each piece of furniture is used differently.

If you are looking for services to keep your furniture looking fresh and well-maintained, feel free to give us a call and get a price quote.

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