MD Building venetian blind cleaning

Many offices have one form or another of blinds.  With the blinds, the person in the office can adjust the amount of sunlight that comes in.  Blinds can accumulate dust and bacteria that make for an unhealthy environment and a dirty looking office. Dust, in particular, creates a very negative impression and with the sun shining on the blinds, it quickly becomes apparent that the office is dirty.

Vacuuming and dusting blinds is a real part of MD Building Services ongoing cleaning services.

That’s why vacuuming and dusting plays part in our commercial office cleaning services.

Bonded Commercial Office Cleaning Professionals Clean All Types of Blinds

Vertical blinds: It is best to clean these while they are still hanging.  Our personnel are trained to go over the blinds with the dust attachment on their vacuum. Then they use a duster. Finally, they use an environmentally-friendly cleaner to go over the areas that are still dirty.

Wood blinds: Wood blinds are cleaned in the same manner as vertical blinds. Periodically, after the cleaning we use some wood polish to keep the wood healthy and shiny.

Venetian blinds: On a regular basis, we vacuum and dust these blinds. Periodically they must be removed to get a full cleaning with a “Green” cleaning solution to rid the blinds of the dirt, dust and grit that collects on both sides. For cloth blinds, our personnel are trained to determine the best cleaning method so the blinds are not damaged.

Mini blinds: These are similar to Venetian blinds, but with a smaller slat width and are cleaned much in the same manner.

Why Have MD Building Services Clean Your Blinds:

  • We have an organized two-step approach: regular vacuuming and dusting, and periodic full cleaning.
  • Our staff is trained to take special care with blinds made of fabrics or other easily damaged material.
  • Our supervisors check to be certain the blinds are kept clean and dirt-free.

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